Wood Fence Styles & Installations

Timber Ridge Wood Fence Installations

Wood fences are the #1 choice among homeowners. They are biodegradable, making them one of the most eco-friendly installation options available. Improve the look of your Indianapolis home with our professional wood fence installations at Timber Ridge Fence. Get a free gate with your installation.

wooden fence in zionsville indiana backyard. wood fences are a popular choice when it comes to fencing

Reasons to Choose Wood Fencing


If you’re looking for the most durable fencing option for your property, wood fencing is the way to go. Wood fences can withstand high winds and other weather elements. At Timber Ridge Fence, we also use concrete in our fencing installations, making our wood fences even stronger.


Wood fences are the most cost-efficient choice in comparison to other fencing materials. This is especially true if you are looking for a picket or privacy fence, which is more costly in materials like aluminum or vinyl. We also offer fencing discount coupons to make your fence more affordable.


What sets wood fences apart is that they are highly customizable. Not only can we personalize the color, design, and shape you want, but we can also work with the structure of your yard to create the perfect installation.

Our Wood Fences

Take a look at our selection of wood fence installations.

High-Quality Materials

At Timber Ridge Fence we use high-quality treated wood or cedar wood for your wood fence installations.

Wood Fence Styles

Picket Wood Fences

A picket wood fence is the most affordable option among other materials. It provides ample privacy while also giving homeowners a view of their front or backyard. The average gap for a picket wood fence is 2 inches.

picket wood fence in noblesville indiana backyard. timber ridge fence installs wood picket fences for residents in indianapolis and surrounding areas
solid privacy wooden fence installed by timber ridge fence company in glen fisher indiana backyard

Solid Privacy Wood Fences

Solid privacy wood fences are the safest option as they give homeowners complete privacy. Our standard height for solid privacy wood fences is 6 feet, and our styles include solid D.E. Straight Top, Arch Scallop, and Traditional Solid.A free gate is al

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