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If you’re looking for professional fence contractors in Indianapolis, look no further than the expert team at Timber Ridge Fence. 

We install wood, vinyl, and aluminum fences in a variety of styles for residential and commercial properties.

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Fence Installations in Indianapolis

At Timber Ridge Fence, our experienced team provides efficient installation of top-quality fence materials to boost your home’s privacy, curb appeal, and value.

Fence Materials

Wood Fencing

Wood fences are the most popular fence option for homeowners thanks to their affordability, durability, and customization options. You can choose the color, design, and shape you want, and your wood fence will withstand high winds and weather conditions for years to come. Plus, wood fences are biodegradable.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fences are great long-term fencing options since they will not rot, fade, or decay. They’re maintenance-free, and they will maintain their appearance throughout their lifespan, elevating the value of your home. 

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fences are one of the most visually appealing fence options, and aluminum is a cost-effective material if you’re looking for an elegant, high-quality fence but don’t want to break the bank.

Fence Styles

We offer a variety of different fence styles to suit your home’s style and privacy needs.

Picket Fences

A white picket fence is a classic style for homeowners in Indianapolis. We can install a wood, vinyl, or aluminum picket fence, but wood is the most common option. Picket fences allow you to enjoy the scenery of your neighborhood while providing safety at the same time. We also install puppy picket fences for small dogs.

Solid Privacy Fences

If you’re looking to create a completely private outdoor space, a solid privacy fence is a good option. It doesn’t allow neighbors to see in your yard. We offer solid privacy fences in wood and vinyl, with several style variations, including Solid D.E. Straight Top, Arch, Scallop, and Traditional Solid.

Shadowbox Fences

If you want a wood fence with upgraded durability, a shadowbox fence is the way to go. This fence style is made with boards on both the inside and outside, protecting it against high winds. It’s also good for people with small dogs.

Decorative Fences

A decorative fence allows you to improve the overall look of your property according to your style preferences. For colors, you can choose sandstone, white, khaki, or even two-toned. Our decorative fences are five to six feet tall and often combined with the solid privacy style. 

Fence Repair in Indianapolis

We offer fence repair services to keep your fence looking great and protecting your home for years to come. Check out some of the most common fence issues we repair.

Fence Post Repair

Time and weather will eventually cause wood fence posts to fail. Usually, the sections of the fence remain in good condition while the posts begin rotting in the ground. We can either dig out and replace the old fence posts or add new posts in the middle of a section to stabilize the fence. If we remove old posts, we will replace the concrete and the post, which will add years to your fence’s lifespan.

Panel Replacement

If one panel or a few panels on your fence have sustained damage, we can replace them so it looks like nothing ever happened. We remove any nails or screws and install new panels that match your current fence exactly.

Panel Replacement

Over time, gates will sag or warp because of prolonged exposure to sun and moisture. Gates aren’t fixed on either side, which allows for expansion and contraction. We can repair your current gate or construct a new one to keep your fence functional for years to come.

Professional Repair Services

If you’re dealing with warped, sagging, broken, discolored, or otherwise damaged fences, contact Timber Ridge Fence for expert repair services.

Why Choose Timber Ridge Fence?

Quality Materials

We use only premium wood, vinyl, and aluminum for fences that last decades. Our wood fences provide excellent durability in the face of wind and other severe weather. Our vinyl fences stay pristine without maintenance, and our aluminum fences have powder-coated pickets to prevent rusting and fading.

Expert Installation

With over 30 years of experience, our team provides quick, reliable fence installations. After you receive a free estimate, you’ll pay a 30% deposit, seek village or HOA approval, and then prepare your yard.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are highly satisfied with our professional team and top-quality workmanship. We provide free estimates, seasonal sales, and frequent discounts.

Hear why we’re one of the leading Indianapolis fencing companies.

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Our experienced team can help you select the perfect fence for your property. Contact us for trusted fence installation and repair services in Indianapolis today.


We complete most of our fence installation projects within one or two days as long as the weather is good and there are no material shortages.

Here’s what you can expect during the fence installation process:

  1. You’ll be asked to pay a 30% deposit upfront.
  2. We’ll provide you with a tentative fence installation date.
  3. You’ll need to contact your community and HOA to receive a fencing permit.
  4. You’ll be asked to clear your fence line of any debris, trees, bushes, or sprinklers.
  5. JULIE (Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators) will make sure all your cables are marked correctly.
  6. Our team will mark your yard boundaries with string and begin digging holes for your new fence.
  7. We’ll finish by ensuring the lines are straight and the fence is heightened properly. We will also clean up any mess in your yard.

We install wood, vinyl, and aluminum fences in various styles, including picket fences, solid privacy fences, shadowbox fences, and decorative fences.

Fences in solid privacy and shadowbox styles are good at keeping dogs safe. These fence styles are tall, sturdy, and don’t have gaps that dogs can escape through.