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Whitestown is a historic town named after United States Senator Albert S. White. It is known for its historic charm, suburban feel, and growing population. If you happen to live in Whitestown and are looking for an outstanding fencing installation team, Timber Ridge Fence is here for you.

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Fence Installations in Whitestown

Timber Ridge Fence is dedicated to providing you with the high-quality, long-lasting fence that you deserve. We work hard to install premium wood, aluminum, and vinyl fences for your property.

While a fencing permit is not required in Whitestown, it is crucial to ensure that your fence aligns with the guidelines set by your homeowners’ association (HOA).

Once you get the approval, we will be fully equipped to deliver and install your brand-new fence.

Fence Styles in Whitestown

Picket Fence

If you desire a fence that combines security and visual charm for your property, search no more than our assortment of timeless picket fences. We offer a range of robust materials, including wood, vinyl, and aluminum. If you own a small dog, we also provide a puppy picket fence option to ensure the safety of your beloved furry companion.

Solid Privacy Fence

If you’re in search of maximum privacy and security, our collection of solid privacy fences are the perfect choice. At Timber Ridge Fence, we provide premium vinyl and wood solid privacy fences in Whitestown. Select from a variety of stunning options such as Solid D.E. Straight Top, Arch, Scallop, and Traditional Solid to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Shadowbox Fence

When considering wood fences, durability is a common concern among homeowners in Whitestown. Our shadowbox fences ensure exceptional durability by securing boards on both the front and the back, providing strength and stability. You can have peace of mind knowing that your shadowbox fence will withstand harsh winds and inclement weather.

Decorative Fence

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property with the installation of a decorative fence. Combining the elegance of solid privacy with captivating decorative elements, our decorative fences are designed to make your neighbors take notice. Our decorative fences are between 5 to 6 inches and available in a diverse range of color options, including sandstone, white, khaki, or two-toned finishes.
Our decorative fences are 5 to 6 inches and come in a variety of color choices like sandstone, white, khaki, or two-toned.

Fence Repair in Whitestown

If you require fence repair services in Whitestown, look no further. Our skilled team is equipped to handle both minor and major repairs, ensuring that your fence is restored to its proper condition. Take advantage of our free inspections to assess your repair needs, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Whitestown Fence Installations & Repairs