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Beech Grove is located within Marion County with a population of 14,717. The city started out as farmland and earned its token name from the beech trees that resided on its cattle farms. If you are a homeowner in Beech Grove, Timber Ridge Fence is the company for you. 

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Fence Installations in Beech Grove

In need of a new fence? We’ve got you covered with our professional fence installations in Beech Grove. You will not need a fence permit in Beech Grove, but you need to make sure your fence meets the size requirements of the city. Then, our contractors will get to work and install your brand-new fence.

For more information on fencing requirements in Beech Grove, visit their fence permit center

Fence Styles in Beech Grove

Picket Fence

The most popular fencing option among homeowners in Beech Grove is the classic, white picket fence. These types of fences have spaces in-between planks, which allows for a great view into your backyard. Choose from materials like wood, vinyl, and aluminum for your picket fence. Even better? Our company also offers puppy picket fences, so your furry companion will be kept safe.

Solid Privacy Fence

Some families prefer a fence with complete privacy. This is especially true if you are a household with young children. If this sounds like you, a solid privacy fence is the most ideal. We offer solid privacy fences in both wood and vinyl with styles like Solid D.E. Straight Top, Arch, Scallop, and Traditional Solid.

Shadowbox Fence

If you’re looking for another type of wood fence in Beech Grove, consider a shadowbox fence. These fences are durable and provide more airflow than a solid privacy fence, due to the gaps between the planks.

Decorative Fence

If you are going for something aesthetically pleasing, a decorative fence may be the right choice for you. Choose from vinyl or wood in beautiful colors like sandstone, white, or khaki.

Fence Repair in Beech Grove

Sometimes, all you need is a fencing repair. Schedule a free inspection with Timber Ridge Fence, and we will give you an honest opinion about the severity of your damage. From here, we will come up with a plan to fix your fence and make it look as good as new.

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