Fence Styles

Timber Ridge Fence offers a variety of different fence styles based on your personal preferences. Here are the main styles we are currently offering.

Picket Fence

A classic, white picket fence is by far the most timeless option for homeowners in Indianapolis. We offer this fence style in vinyl and aluminum, but wood is the most common. This fence will provide you with a gorgeous view of your neighborhood, allow neighbors to see into your yard, and keep your home safe at the same time. We also provide puppy picket fences for those with small dogs to keep them from escaping.

Solid Privacy Fence

While all of our fences will provide your home with safety and security, some Indianapolis homeowners want to take it to the next level with a solid privacy fence. This fence will prevent anyone from seeing into your yard and is offered in vinyl and wood. Choose from different style variations like Solid D.E. Straight Top, Arch, Scallop, and Traditional Solid.

Shadowbox Fence

If you are looking for a wood fence that is more durable than your average wood fence, a shadowbox fence is the way to go. This fence is held securely with boards on both the inside and outside, protecting it against harsh winds. This is also one of the best types of fences for those with small dogs, as it provides ample protection.

Decorative Fence

For those wanting stares and compliments from their neighbors, a decorative fence is sure to do the trick. Our decorative fences stand about 5 to 6 feet tall and are usually combined with the solid privacy style. Increase the value of your Indianapolis home and pick from beautiful colors like sandstone, white, khaki, or even two-toned.

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